Latest Past Events

Vibration Institute Regional Training Conference

Peek 'n Peak Resort Hotel 1405 Olde Road, Clymer

Presentation by Stan Bognatz:  "Rotor-to-Stator Rubs In Steam, Gas & Hydro-Turbines". Date/Time: 5/25/18, 11:00 am.  Learn about the dynamic response behavior of rotor-stator / rotor-seal rubs, and see several case […]

CIBO Conference

CIBO Boiler Operations & Maintenance Conference Hershey Lodge, Hershey

Presentation by Stan Bognatz:  "Vibration Analysis for Small/Medium Power Plants in 2018 - The New Gas-Market Reality".  Date & Time:  5/15/18, 2:00 pm. Learn some key concepts on how to […]