Machinery Diagnostics Services / Vibration Analysis

Rotating Machinery Vibration Analysis Services

Vibration analysis is historically proven as one of the most effective tools for diagnosing problems in critical rotating machinery & balance-of-plant machinery. With over 35 years of field experience, we have the knowledge needed to diagnose machinery problems quickly & effectively, using a variety of vibration analysis techniques. Our goal in every situation is to identify problems & root causes quickly, and get your machinery operating acceptably in the shortest and most economical manner.

Since we are also independent consultants, we provide you with unbiased recommendations aimed at improving reliability & availability, while reducing O&M costs.

Faults identified include:

  • Mechanical Unbalance
  • Electrical Unbalance
  • Misalignment, Preloads
  • Resonances
  • Critical Speeds
  • Rotor Bows
  • Bent Rotors
  • Bearing wear
  • Rotor-to-Stator Rubs
  • Rotor Instabilities (Whirl/Whip)


  • Structural Resonances
  • Foundation Vibration
  • Soft foot
  • Shaft cracks
  • Loose rotating parts
  • Surge, stall
  • Cavitation, recirc
  • Gearbox wear
Critical Machinery Analysis

For gas turbines, steam & hydro-turbines, generators, etc., we use high-speed, multi-channel data acquisition systems, including the eZ-Tomas & ADRE systems. Data is captured simultaneously from all bearings on the machine, during both transient speed (startup / shutdown) and steady state operation.

In many situations we can immediately diagnose and help correct common machinery problems such as rotor unbalance, shaft misalignment, casing soft-foot and various system problems, allowing machinery to be quicly returned to service.

Commissioning & Factory Acceptance Testing

In addition to our on-site field services, we also provide consultation for field commissioning, test stand applications, and shop balancing. We can also act as your independent, third-party consultant for factory acceptance tests.

Critical Machinery:
  • Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines
  • Hydro-Turbines, Generators
  • Boiler Feed Pumps
  • High horsepower motors
  • Multi-stage compressors
  • Boiler air-supply fans

Structural Vibration Analysis

Our engineering services also include the analysis of structural vibration. Utilizing Vibrant Technologies ME’scope VES software package, we perform both Modal Analysis and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis of machinery frames, plant structures, and piping. These highly visual studies allow us to identify & correct vibration, fatigue and noise problems without resorting to finite element modeling. We can quickly and cost-effectively describe a structure in terms of its natural characteristics – the frequency, damping, and mode shapes – that affect its perceived vibration.

For more information, please visit our Structural Vibration Analysis page.

All of our projects are professionally documented, containing an analysis with pertinent graphics, and providing conclusions and recommendations for improved operation & maintenance.

If you’ve got a vibration problem, contact us, we can help!