Machinery Balancing Services

Machinery Balancing
You need to maintain a well balanced rotor to keep machinery vibration acceptable. And more importantly, a good balance is essential to minimizing mechanical stress, and maximizing a machine’s long-term reliability. So, in keeping with our “Maintenance that Matters” philosophy, M&B specializes in balancing all types of rotating equipment. We have the experience to achieve excellent results quickly and economically. Whether it is a critical high-speed turbo-machine, or a balance of plant machine, we can get it running smoothly.

Balancing is often misapplied by other analysts due to poor analysis techniques. We avoid this by starting with the correct transducer  for the machine and bearing design being monitored. By combining single or multi-plane balance solutions, mode shape analysis, least squares analytical optimization, and graphical data analysis, we can provide excellent results quickly. This helps to reduce downtime & minimize O&M costs.

Field Experience

Our extensive field experience ensures balancing is only performed when it is necessary. We analyze both steady state & transient speed data to determine the rotor’s response characteristics. By analyzing data during both operating conditions, we can properly compensate data for the runout, thermal influences, and process effects that often affect the vector data. This gives us accurate insight into the true rotor dynamic response, and allows us to calculate shots very quickly and accurately.

Analysis & Report

Our reports document the ‘before’ and ‘after’ data for each balance shot. In conjunction with the balance plane and weight information, we  calculate the direct and longitudinal influence vectors. We use these vectors to help expedite future balancing, often allowing a “one shot” trim balance to be performed, to quickly return a unit to service.

With each report we document all balance planes are graphically using AutoCAD. Each weight maps identifies the existing weights, any  additions or modifications made, and the size and configuration of the installed weights. These weight maps serve as an excellent reference for future maintenance.

If you need balancing assistance, please contact us.

Technical Training
We also offer an excellent Machinery Balancing Seminar, with hotels seminars conducted periodically throughout the country. We can also perform a custom, on-site course at your facility at any time.