Machinery Alignment Seminar


M&B’s 3-day Machinery Alignment seminar teaches you how to precision align rotating machinery, using both laser & dial-indicator techniques. Our training provides an understanding of what precision alignment means, and what affects your ability to achieve good results. Our training is based upon understanding and applying the fundamentals of shaft alignment under field conditions. This ensures proficiency in the field under various conditions using various tools, and allows personnel to identify and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

We teach the following techniques:  Straight Edge & Feeler Gauge, Rim/Face, Reverse Dial Indicator, and Lasers. We teach how to plot the data & calculate machinery moves for each method. In our Workshops, students apply these techniques to real world data, calculating moves for the supplied Alignment Simulator Kit. Case Histories are also reviewed, showing field-based experiences & procedures, along with precautions and typical site expectations. We complete the training with an introduction to Optical Alignment  techniques for measuring thermal growth, and compensating for the ‘Cold’ to ‘Hot’ changes on each machine.

We offer an optional Certification Exam on the last day of the course for persons seeking certification, and all attendees receive a certificate of completion.

For on-site seminars, we offer a 4th day of training to perform alignment on one piece of equipment at your facility. This immediately reinforces the course training, while helping to resolve a problematic machine at your site. We provide the analysis, instruction, measurement  equipment, and technical oversight, while course attendees perform the measurements and machine adjustments.


– Teach machinery alignment fundamentals, terminology and principles

– Teach pre-alignment procedures; soft-foot correction; pipe strain measurement; and thermal growth

– Teach Rim & Face and Reverse Dial Indicator, and Laser-based machinery alignment techniques

– Have Students practice alignment techniques in supervised exercises using the Alignment Simulator Kit

– Review and analyze Case Histories from machinery field experiences

– Review Alignment Best Practices; Tolerances & Standards; Typical Field-Work Challenges

Course Materials

A manual containing slide presentations, discussion materials, workshop exercises and additional reference information is provided in hardcopy and CD-ROM.


Mr. Stanley R. Bognatz, P.E.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for rotating equipment and OEM engineers, precision maintenance technicians, mechanics, supervisors, and managers who are responsible for the operation, maintenance and reliability of rotating equipment.


None.  A Basic knowledge of machines & mechanical skills is helpful in understanding the mechanics of machinery alignment.  Previous alignment experience is helpful, but also is not required.

Course Fees

Hotel Seminars (U.S.):  $975 per person

Certification exam: $200 per person (optional)

An optional fourth day for on-site alignment of one machine is available for a flat fee $975

On-site and international seminars are priced by quotation – please contact us for a quotation.

Course Schedule

Click here for the current schedule; on-site seminars can be scheduled at any time.

Seminar Outline
Understanding Machinery Alignment
  • Introduction & Historical Background
  • What is Misalignment? Why Worry?
  • Symptoms of Misalignment
  • Types of Misalignment
  • The Alignment Process

Alignment Tools

  • Standard Tools
  • Dial Indicators
  • Lasers Alignment Kits
  • Optical Tooling & Measurements

Alignment Techniques Overview

  • Roughing-In New Machinery
  • Rim & Face Dial Indicator
  • Reverse Dial Indicator
  • Laser Alignment
  • Cold to Hot Movement (OL2R)

How to Install & Rough Align Machinery

  • Pre-Installation Checks
  • Acquiring & Plotting Alignment Readings
  • Pre-Alignment Preparations
  • Gathering machine information
  • Selecting and preparing tooling
  • Making pre-alignment checks at the machine

 Rim & Face Dial-Indicator Shaft Alignment

  • Overview of Technique
  • Graphical Layout of Machinery
  • Acquiring & Plotting Readings
  • What can go wrong?

Reverse Dial-Indicator Shaft Alignment

  • Overview of Technique
  • Graphical Layout of Machinery
  • Acquiring & Plotting Alignment Readings
  • What can go wrong?

Workshop – Rim & Face, and, Reverse Dial Indicator Alignment Exercises

Measuring & Correcting Soft-Foot

  • Definition, Types & Effects of Soft-foot
  • Measurement Techniques
  • Correction Techniques

Measuring Pipe Strain

  • Definition & Effects of Pipe Strain
  • Measurement Techniques

Vertical Machinery Alignment

  • Considerations for Vertical Equipment
  • Dial Indicator & Laser Considerations
  • Face-Mounted Motor Shim Calculations

Laser-based Shaft Alignment

  • Review of Current Technology
  • Operating Procedures
  • Coupling Results vs. Feet Movements
  • Advantages & Limitations of Lasers

Practical Alignment Applications

  • Thermal Growth of Different Machine Types
  • Cooling Tower Fan Drives – How to Align!
  • How to Align Multiple Machine Cases
  • Aligning Belt Driven Machinery
  • Various Coupling Types

Alignment Tolerances

  • Defining Misalignment
  • Tolerance Guidelines
  • Shaft vs. Coupling Alignment

Real-World Conditions

  • Bolt Bound Machinery Feet
  • Flexible Foundations & Soft Foot
  • Thermal Growth & Casing Deflection
  • Pipe Strain

Alignment Best Practices

  • Documentation Requirements
  • – Safety Considerations
  • When to stop

Case History Workshops

  • Motor-Pump
  • Motor-Gearbox-Compressor
  • Turbine Generator (non-flexible couplings)
  • Vertical Pump

Certification Exam (optional)

  • 50 multiple choice & true/false questions

In-Plant Alignment Example (optional)

A motor-driven piece of machinery aligned as a group exercise. M&B provides analysis, instruction, alignment equipment and technical oversight. This requires one (1) full additional day, and coordination between site and M&B for efficient execution.

M&B provides specialized technical training for condition monitoring, vibration analysis, predictive maintenance, shaft alignment, and rotor balancing, customized to your specific needs. We provide both on-site training, and hotel seminars for centralized training. If you have questions on a course, or would like a custom-designed course, please contact us.