Vibration Fundamentals Seminar


Our 1-day Vibration Fundamentals seminar introduces the machinery-related vibration principles needed to begin using vibration analysis in a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) or Reliability program. Upon completing this course participants will have sufficient hardware and software training to begin executing vibration measurements as part of a PdM Program. Attendees are not trained in PdM program design, vibration analyzer or sensor selection, or database configuration and maintenance.

Vibration Fundamentals provides an introduction to vibration analysis; how to apply vibration severity criteria; and how to identify common rotating machinery faults. Hands-On Workshops allow students to acquire vibration data from a Rotor Kit machine simulator using the latest diagnostic and PdM instruments. Case Histories are also presented to review typical field experiences & recommended procedures.

We also provide an overview of various on-line monitoring systems used in plants to monitor critical machinery, such as Bently Nevada’s 3500 series monitors. This helps users better understand the machinery condition information that is available to better operate their machinery.

There are no prerequisites to taking this course, though a general knowledge of plant machinery is helpful. Attendees are given a Certificate of Completion at the end of the seminar; there is no certification examination.

Vibration Fundamentals – Seminar Outline

Introduction to Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Programs

PdM Goals, Benefits, Justification & ROI

What is Vibration?

Vibration Signal Characteristics

Vibration Transducers

What are Time-Waveforms & Spectrums?

Rotor Kit – Vibration Demonstration

Introduction to Portable Data Collectors

Data Collectors vs. Dedicated Analyzers

Workshop – Data Acquisition & Review

Introduction to On-Line Vibration Monitoring Systems

Helping Operators & Plant Staff Manage Machinery

Vibration Severity Criteria

Introduction to Machinery Fault Analysis

Case History Workshops:

– Balancing:  Primary Air Fan & Induced Draft Fan

– Alignment & Thermal Growth:  Boiler Feed Pump

– Bearing Wear:  Motor Bearing Failures

Who Should Attend?

This introductory course is designed for rotating equipment and OEM engineers, vibration analysts and technicians, supervisors, and managers who are responsible for the operation, maintenance and reliability of rotating equipment.


No prior vibration analysis experience is required. General knowledge of industrial rotating machinery is helpful.

Continuing Education

This course provides 8 Professional Development Hours (PDH) for engineering licensure requirements.

Course Schedule & Fees

Hotel Seminars (U.S.):  $375 per person. On-site, resort-based, and international seminars are priced by quotation; please contact us for more information.  Seminars can be scheduled at any time.

Course Materials
A manual containing slide presentations, discussion materials, workshop exercises and additional reference information is provided in hardcopy and CD-ROM.

Mr. Stanley R. Bognatz, P.E.

M&B specializes in providing technical training related to condition monitoring, vibration analysis, predictive maintenance, shaft alignment, and rotor balancing, all customized to our customer’s specific needs. We provide seminars both on-site at your location, and off-site at hotels or other locations for centralized training. If you have questions on any training course, or would like a custom-designed course, please contact us.