Outage Support / Machinery Inspection / Overhaul Assistance

Outage support / Machinery Inspection / Overhaul Assistance

If you are planning an outage, or experiencing a problem requiring machine disassembly, M&B engineers can provide your site with in-depth equipment reviews to ensure that components are properly inspected and documented, and all critical measurements are properly made. We can also directly relate the machinery condition with our vibration data to to establish the root cause of most failure mechanisms. Our broad experience covers machines from basic process pumps to integrally gear air compressors, to main power-generation turbines. Whether it is a bearing inspection, a component rebuild, or a major unit outage, our engineers can help ensure you get an unbiased machinery condition opinion with excellent documentation and correlation to the machinery vibration.

If you need assistance with an inspection or overhaul, please contact us.

Some specific machinery we have worked with include:
  • Compressors
  • Boiler & Process Fans
  • Cooling tower fans
  • Vertical & Horizontal Pumps
  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Gearboxes
  • Pulverizers & Ball Mills
  • Steam Turbines up to 1200 MW
  • Gas Turbines, aero-derivative & industrial frame
  • Generators and Exciters
  • Induction & Synchronous Motors
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Vertical & Horizontal Pumps
  • Hydro-Turbine Generators
  • Reciprocating Engines