Transducer Operation & Maintenance Semimar


Our Transducer Operation & Maintenance seminar covers the range of field transducers used in vibration monitoring systems. We cover the transducers used in the vibration monitoring systems for most steam & gas turbine applications, and other critical machinery. This is a hands-on, workshop intensive course! Learn the operational theory & how to calibrate proximity transducer systems, accelerometers, Velomitors, LVDTs, magnetic pickups and more. Also learn how to properly setup transducers for important measurements such as rotor thrust (axial position), rotor differential expansion (DE), and casing expansion.

Seminars can be performed on-site at your plant. We can also perform this seminar at hotels for centralized training, and at resort based locations for a specialized experience.

This seminar can be combined with our 3500 Monitoring System course, to provide a complete instrumentation overview for any staff involved in vibration monitoring and analysis.



Seminar Outline

Transducer Design, Operation & Calibration

  • Proximity Transducer Systems
  • Velomitors
  • Accelerometers
  • LVDTs
  • MPUs
  • RTDs & Thermocouples

How to Set-up Turbine Supervisory Measurements

  • Radial Shaft Vibration
  • Bearing Cap (Seismic) Vibration
  • Rotor Thrust
  • Differential Expansion
  • Eccentricity
  • Keyphasor
  • Valve Position
  • Temperature Measurements
Who Should Attend?

Engineers, vibration analysts, I&C / instrumentation technicians, and any staff personnel who are involved with the installation, operation and maintenance of the vibration monitoring equipment.



Course Fees & Schedule

All seminars are priced by quotation – please contact us for more information.

Course Materials

A manual containing slide presentations, discussion materials, workshop exercises and additional reference information is provided in hardcopy and CD-ROM.


Mr. Stanley R. Bognatz, P.E.

M&B provides specialized in technical training related to condition monitoring, vibration analysis, predictive maintenance, shaft alignment, and rotor balancing, all customized to our customer’s specific needs.

We provide seminars both on-site at your location or off-site at hotels or other locations for centralized training. We can also provide resort-based training to help your staff enjoy special experience!

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