Advanced Machinery Diagnostics Seminar for
Turbo-Machinery with Fluid-film Bearings


Our Advanced Machinery Diagnostics seminar focuses on the vibration analysis of critical turbo-machinery equipped with both fluid-film & tilt-pad bearings. For each area of interest, we teach the rotor response theory behind the specific problem. We then teach how to correctly configure multi-channel data acquisition systems to accurately acquire the required day. And, we show the correct techniques & proven field methods for identifying each class of responses for various machine designs. We  explain the nature of each class of problem, and we strive for maximum interaction between instructors and students to insure each gets the best possible value from the training.

  • Understand the fundamental design characteristics of plain journal & tilting pad bearings used in turbo-machinery
  • Learn proper configuration of instrumentation to acquire steady state & transient vibration data; and how to slow roll compensate
  • Understand the fundamental non-synchronous and synchronous rotor responses; critical speeds; and resonance
  • Identify the fundamental symptoms of unbalance, misalignment, rotor rubs, fluid-induced instabilities & shaft cracks in fluid-film bearings
Who Should Attend?

Any analysts, engineers, or other personnel involved with the analysis, maintenance and reliability of critical turbo-machinery, such as steam & gas turbines, hydro-turbines, generators, compressors, pumps, and other equipment.


This course will benefit any person interested in machinery dynamics. 2 – 3 years of vibration analysis experience and a working knowledge of data acquisition techniques & instrumentation is recommended but not required.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

This course provides 32 Professional Development Hours (PDH) for engineering licensure requirements.

Course Fees & Schedule

Our Advanced Diagnostics Seminars are customized to meet each clients needs. Please contact us for more information and a quotation. We can schedule both on-site & hotel seminars to suit your needs..

Course Materials
A manual containing slide presentations, discussion materials, workshop exercises and additional reference information is provided in hardcopy and CD-ROM.

Mr. Stanley R. Bognatz, P.E.

Advanced Machinery Diagnostics Topics

Introduction to Advanced Diagnostics

– Journal Bearing Design Review

– Vibration Analysis Hardware Review

Working with Steady State Data Plots

– Time-waveforms, Shaft Orbits, Spectra & Waterfalls

– Shaft Centerline & Vector Trends

– Data Acquisition Parameters for Specific Machines

– Workshop – Steady Stata Data Acquisition & Plotting

Transient Data Plots

– Bode, Polar & Waterfall Plots

– Shaft Average Centerline Plots

– Cascade Plots

– Waveform & Vector Slow-roll Compensation

– Workshop – Transient Data Acquisition & Plotting

Fundamental Synchronous Rotor Response

– Understanding Dynamic Stiffness

– Fundamental Synchronous Rotor Response

– Resonances & Criticals

– Rigid vs. Flexible Rotors; Rotor Mode Shapes

– Synchronous Equation of Motion

– Rotor Response Below, At & Above Resonance

– System Nonlinearities

Introduction to Rotor Modelling

– Manual Calculation of Critical Speeds

– Transfer Matrix vs. FEA Computational Methods

– Computer Modelling Introduction

– Workshop – Centrifugal Fan Modelling

Anisotropic Stiffness

– Causes & Symptoms of Anisotropic Stiffness

– Split Resonances

– Correcting Data to Major Stiffness Axes

Unbalanced Rotor Response

– Single Plane Balancing Procedures

– Identifying Rotor Mode Shapes

– Multi Plane Balancing Procedures

Identifying Bowed Rotors

– Causes & Symptoms of Bowed Rotors

– Diagnosing Bows Using Vibration Data

– Removing Rotor Bows

Misalignment, Journal Loading & Bearing Wear

– What is Misalignment?

– Qualify Loading with Orbits & Shaft Centerline Plots

– Effects – Rubs, Instability, Heat, Wear

– Measure Bearing Wear Without Disassembly

Case Histories – Misalignment & Bearing Wear

Rotor to Stator Rubbing

– Partial Radial Rub Orbit & Spectral Characteristics

– Full Annular Rub Characteristics

– Radial Rub Forces

– Vibration & Phase vs. Time

– Rub Responses vs. Critical Speeds

– Looseness

Workshop – Rotor Rubs

Fluid-Induced Instabilities

– Causes & Vibration Patterns

– Oil Whirl vs. Oil Whip

– Common Methods of Elimination

– Comparison to Rotating Stall, Aerodynamic Instability, & Subsynchronous Rubs

Shaft Cracks

– Crack Mechanisms & Propagation Patterns

– Causes & Vibration Patterns

– 1X & 2X Vibration Vector Responses

M&B provides specialized technical training related to condition monitoring, vibration analysis, predictive maintenance, shaft alignment, and rotor balancing, all customized to our customer’s specific needs. We provide seminars both on-site at your location, and off-site at hotels or other locations for centralized training. If you have questions on any training course, or would like a custom-designed course, please contact us.