Online Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)


Using PdMA’s Emax motor testing system, M&B offers the most complete approach to detecting electric motor problems during operation. The Emax system performs the following important motor analysis functions:

  • Monitors Power Quality
  • Measures Power Circuit, Stator, Rotor, and Air Gap Properties
  • Handles low, medium, and high voltage motors
  • Provides six channels of simultaneous data acquisition
  • Provides torque and efficiency analysis, plus power & current signature tests
  • Measures impedance and phase angle

The Emax system is powered by the MCE-Gold motor management software, allowing us to document the entire test history of your electric motor. The software is equipped with the latest acceptance criteria from IEEE and NEMA, providing color-coded alarms to identify test data not meeting acceptance criteria. When coupled with periodic vibration surveys, we can help you optimally plan motor maintenance.

MCSA Analysis

The data obtaining during MCSA testing includes:

  • Current Spectral Analysis
  • High Frequency Eccentricity Analysis
  • In-Rush/Start-Up
  • Phase-to-phase Voltage RMS
  • Line-to-Neutral Voltage RMS
  • Voltage Imbalance
  • Crest Factor
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • % Full Load Amps
  • Average Current RMS
  • Phase Current RMS
  • Phase Impedance
  • Impedance Imbalance
  • Power (KW, KVA, KVAR)
  • Power Factor
  • Efficiency
  • Output Power
  • Torque
  • And More…

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