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Engineering Services:

- Vibration Analysis

- Predictive Maintenance (PdM) / Plant Vibration Surveys

- Machinery Balancing

- Modal & ODS Analysis

- Modal Gallery

- Outages / Inspection

- Shaft Alignment

- Optical Alignment

- Thermal Growth

- Motor Testing

- Thermography

- Lubrication

- Instrumentation - Design, Installation & Calibration

- Verification Services

Vibration Analyst Training

More Training:

- Vib. Fundamentals

- Machinery Balancing

- Advanced Diagnostics for Journal Bearings

- Practical Oil Analysis

- Shaft Alignment

- Optical Alignment & Thermal Growth Surveys

- Optical Alignment for Roll & Paper Machinery

- 3500 Monitors

- Training Schedule



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About Us

M&B Engineered Solutions is a specialized engineering consulting firm providing industrial rotating machinery users with an independent source for advanced vibration analysis & reliability-related services. We help you provide your plant with "Maintenance that Matters"TM. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Advanced Vibration Analysis & Machinery Diagnostics

  • Machinery Alignment Measurements / Optical Alignment Specialists

  • High-Speed / Multi-Plane Rotor Balancing

  • Predictive Maintenance Services -
    Vibration Surveys, Oil Analysis, Motor Current Signature Analysis & Thermography

  • Vibration Instrumentation & Verification

  • Vibration Analyst Training (ISO-Based)

  • Customized Training Seminars - Machinery Balancing, Advanced Diagnostics,
    Shaft Alignment, Optical Alignment, Oil Analysis, and Instrumentation Maintenance

Since incorporating in 2005, our field engineers have helped solve client problems worldwide in the power generation, petrochemical, pulp & paper, waste water treatment and other industries.

From machine troubleshooting, to vibration analysis, alignment, rotor balancing & predictive maintenance, to instrumentation & monitoring services, M&B can provide you with the right solutions for your rotating equipment needs, today, while helping you avoid the high costs of OEM service.

Our Goals

  • Help clients increase their asset reliability & availability, while reducing O&M costs.

  • Provide diagnostics services to quickly resolve machinery reliability issues.

  • Provide instrumentation services to insure equipment is properly monitored.

  • Provide clients with training services to increase personnel skills.

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with the highest quality engineering services & training in a safe, timely, and cost effective manner.

What do You look for in a Contractor?

Our engineers are:

   Interested - in resolving your problems quickly

   Enthusiastic - about getting the job completed on time

   Accountable - for the results produced

   Trained - in the proper procedures & industry best practices

   Certified - by industry leaders to insure great performance

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Our team provides worldwide service to help keep your machinery operating reliably.

If you have a vibration problem, need machinery assistance, training, or have an emergency situation, you can contact us 24 hours a day for assistance.

For critical situations, we can usually be on-site within 24 hours of first contact.